Sixth Day of GoGirl – Here’s a Shout Out of All Water Lovin’ GoGirls!

The 6th Day of the “12 Days of GoGirls” is dedicated to WATER GOGIRLS!!

Cheers to women who love anything on the water.  The great escape whether you’re sailing, kayaking, skiing, canoeing, surfing, fishing or just cruising. Getting out on a lake, ocean, or river can one of the most beautiful and refreshing places to be.

There’s only one problem…

What to do when nature calls?  Its  just not as easy, let alone discreet, to “hang” ourselvesGoGirlonaboat over the edge of a boat to ‘go’ – and in fact, it’s rather embarrassing.   Yes, so very convenient if you are one of the guys, but ladies, it’s time we level the playing field!

This is yet another great opportunity for you to use your GoGirl!  Just like one of the guys, you too can turn your back, stand at the edge of the boat and just GO!  No need to undress, hover or hang your backside over the edge anymore!  You can keep yourself clean, be discreet and rinse out your GoGirl right there in the water when you are done. It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

Once again, GoGirl is the perfect solution — so stay on the water, be safe and enjoy yourself!  Keep doing the things you love, and leave the bathroom concerns back on shore!

Hope you registered for the GoGirl 12 Days of GoGirl giveaway
Holiday basket and daily prizes for the first 12 days of December.12days

Thanks for reading the GoGirl blogs – I hope you’re enjoying!  GoGirl is all about empowering women in a very simple, but convenient way.  Some people will say who would use a product like this?  Well the answer is irrefutably, millions of women everywhere!  Hopefully this blog is sharing a bit more of the various lifestyles that benefit from GoGirl.

Normalizing this unique convenience is what is this whole conversation is all about.  Women don’t use this convenience often times due to silly stigmas.  I’m not saying GoGirl or products like GoGirl are for all women, but when you do need one it can come in
pretty handy.

GoGirl is about getting the conversation going.  I’d love to hear your stories at

Happy Holidays.  Until tomorrow.  Practice in the shower,  🙂
Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder

Here’s to the GoGirl Sail Racing team in 2009.
Amazing group of women!  What fun!

Here’s a north kayaker with her GoGirl!
Thanks so much for sharing!

It’s fun to do lifestyle photos with GoGirl.
Which one relates more to you?






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