Seventh Day of GoGirl – Working Women Everywhere

For the seventh day of “12 Days of GoGirl” we recognize working women everywhere.

Astronauts, Truck Drivers, Fire Fighters, Oil Rig/Refinery Workers, Construction Workers, Law Enforcement, and so many more.

Here’s to all the women that make our world a better place everyday.
We owe each other support ladies.

June Cleaver in "Leave it to Beaver".  Actress Barbara Billingsley.

June Cleaver in “Leave it to Beaver”. Actress Barbara Billingsley.

June Clever days are gone!

Sure, there are still many amazing cooks in the kitchen wearing the apron, but usually only because they love to cook.  Today’s women are rolling up their sleeves with fulfilling and challenging work and careers. These days women are doing it all — construction workers, fire fighters, truck drivers, police officers, military duty, oil rig workers, coal miners, you name it – women are doing it!  A demonstration of the strength of power women carry!

So let’s start with a female law enforcement officers. gunbeltThe number one thing we hear from women cops is, “What do we do with our gun belt?”  For male cops it’s easy.  A woman has to take her gun belt off and hang it on the door which is a risk, or let it dangle down onto the dirty floor between their legs pulling their clean pants to the floor too.  Picture today’s police belt; gun, mace, cuffs, radio, stun gun etc.  That’s a lot of gear.  This is not a small issue.  What’s interesting, and I say this humbly, is that women cops have told me they would use a product like GoGirl, but would get so much flack from male cops they won’t use it.  Think about that for a moment…  That’s crazy.

I challenge women not to let anyone consciously or unconsciously oppress our equality.  Not about life, children, careers, interests, or how and when we go to the damn bathroom! This is about your life and your convenience.  In a strange way this is a subtle statement of self imposed oppression but a much bigger statement about us as women.  Where’s a sociologist Grad student when you need one?  🙂

I’ve also visited with police detectives and private investigators, and they’ve share with me that assignments can entail hours upon hours of staking out a situation. GoGirl can help here with a rather awkward need.  We’ve heard some pretty impressive stories of flexibility and creativity.  We know the new flexible GoGirl extension will help with those awkward limited space needs.  Sounds crazy, but if you need it you need it.

We’ve heard from women truck drivers wondering whey they don’t sell GoGirl’s at every rest stop in the US.  What a compliment.  We’ve heard from women who work on oil rigs who purchased then sent their management buy a case of GoGirls for their PX.  We’ve had Women Fire Fighters sing praises of the product.

In 2010 we were in communication with a very nice man who was a NASA Flight Surgeon (medical doctor) working to create better bathroom systems for women for the space shuttle and international space station. All they had was a vacuum like round hose designed for a man!  Girls can you imagine… you’ve reached pinnacle  of your career, it’s 2010, after 20 years of intense training your an astronaut!  You’re flying in the space shuttle on your way to the International Space Station and they hand you a Kirby?????  Really?  It’s 2014, according to Wikipidia there have been 59 women astronauts since 1963.  I’ll bet they have not improved much, but hopefully this MD helped them get a better solution for women.  I would love to hear from an astronaut or flight surgeon on this.  🙂

Happy Holidays to working women everywhere.  You make the world a better place!
Don’t Take Life Sitting Down.  Be Empowered Women!

Practice in the shower!  (I always say that.)

Fire Fighters Photo from Blog?  Others?


This is for fun, but you never know. We do like to believe that we hopefully provided some influence into a better solution that a Kirby in space. To infinity and beyond! Don’t Take Life Sitting Down.











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