Eighth Day of GoGirl – Home Care and Medical Need Women

The Eighth day of the “12 Days of GoGirl lifestyles” is dedicated to women with a variety of home care, medical and disability based needs.  These women deserve even more GG_prod480pxcreative and helpful personal conveniences in their lives.  Innovative products like GoGirl can sometimes be an unexpected convenience.

As great as GoGirl is for women who live very active lifestyles, GoGirl is equally, perhaps even more, of a benefit for women who don’t.  Let me explain…

Women often use GoGirl after knee, hip or back surgery.  Women share that often bending the knees or back to sit on a toilet can cause sever discomfort interrupting rest, falling or worse.  You may chuckle, but if GoGirl made life a little more save and convenient for your elderly mother…

We hear from physical therapists and occupational therapists that they often recommend GoGirl to their customers.  It’s been fun hearing from many OT’s and PT’s because they understand the need and are so complimentary.  I really hope they like the new GoGirl Extension.

GoGirl Extension  Easily attaches to GoGirl for added convenience

GoGirl Extension
Easily attaches to GoGirl for added convenience

We hear of home health care, and now even hospitals and medical clinics, the need for GoGirl is growing at a rapid pace.  We see hundreds of hospitals and pharmacies carrying GoGirl.
You can purchase GoGirl at Walgreens.com and hundreds of other great websites.  The Mayo Clinic has been a supporter of GoGirl for many yearsand they carry them in their pharmacies for a variety of patient needs.

For some women with limited mobility, GoGirl has actually allowed them to regain some independence.  We have heard some women confined to wheelchairs really like GoGirls flexibility and extension tube.  Here’s an example.  Women who are in wheelchairs sometimes need some assistance to lift themselves off the chair, and onto the toilet.  It’s prone to happen – someone may not always be available or around to help.  Plan B: GoGirl!  If women are able to scooch their bottom closer to the edge of the chair, they are able to use GoGirl with a collection device or bed pan.  Many women, I am included, have a fair amount of pride, and it can be difficult to always have the feeling of dependence on others.

We have received heartfelt letters from women who tell us that their urinary disorder has caused them not to travel with their husband for many years do to anxieties of bathroom and urinary discomfort and that GoGirl allowed them to take vacations with their husband.  Kind of awesome.  We’ve also heard praises from MD’s and health care professionals from all over the world.

There are many products on the market like GoGirl.  We’re glad not a be a sole product in the industry and like that women can have choices of which product is best for them.  🙂
GoGirl is the only product made with Class IV Medical Grade silicone.  If you hold a GoGirl or other products you can tell a difference in how it feels in your hand an seals to your skin.  The product itself was not a quick one off design.  Dr. Block, M.D. and the GoGirl designer, spent 8 years on and off modifying the design via cad cam software.  The product is literally engineered for a woman’s body.

Many OBGYN’s carry GoGirl and we’ve even heard of some plastic surgery groups carrying the product.
I always appreciate hearing from women, learning of their circumstance, and learning if GoGirl has been of benefit for you.
Happy Holidays!Image
Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder
Another fun and simple lifestyle message.  Women benefit from GoGirl.

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