Tenth Day of GoGirl – LET’S ROCK!

The Tenth Day of the, “12 Days of GoGirl lifestyles” is dedicated to music festival and outdoor concert Junkies everywhere!

Do you love outdoor music and art festivals?  We’ve been to Country Jam and Moondance Jam, Jimmy Buffet, Zac Brown, Keith Urban — I love them all!  Nothing better than hanging out to some great music, and washing down a couple bratwursts with a couple cold beers on summer days.

Over the past few years, our GoGirl teams have really had a lotFestivals3 of fun at some amazing music events.  We drive in with the GoGirl Mini-Cooper, set up our trademark pink and white tent, and put a GoGirl temporary tattoo on just about everyone we see. It’s a party – that’s for sure!

I’m really not trying to be a buzz kill, but let’s face it, after a couple drinks to stay cooled down, bathroom breaks are inevitable. We’ve all seen the long lines to the potty potties, but what are our choices?  Not a lot, right?  We expect it and we just deal with it.   Now, we’ve already touched on this topic of porta-potties and GoGirl in our “5th Day of GoGirl’s” germaphone blog, so I won’t get into the nitty gritty again, but I will say, ohhhhhh ladies, you really will want to have a GoGirl when using a porta-potty – especially at an event where there tends to be some “partying” going on!  Just trust me on this one…

There’s a lot of great music festivals already lining up in 2015.  Here’s a great list for

Country Jam - Eau Claire

Country Jam – Eau Claire

checking out 2015 festivals out,  – so enjoy, rock out, be safe and BRING YOUR GOGIRL! 🙂



And more thing, as we are closing in on the “12 Days of GoGirl”, I hope everyone has remember to register for our GoGirl Holiday Super Gift Basket, as the winner’s name will be drawn on December 12th.    If you haven’t, you can register here!

Thanks for reading – and Happy Holidays everyone!

Sarah Dillon

Sarah Dillon GoGirl Founder Brands that Empower

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder
Brands that Empower

We Fest

We Fest – Willing Tattoo Participants


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