Miley and More

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone’s new year is starting out to be a good one so far!

So, any Miley Cyrus Instagram followers here?  She has over 13M, (wow!) so I’m wondering – did any of you happen to see a post a week or so ago about GoGirl?  (Due to the vulgar content, I’m choosing not to share her post, but if you are curious, check it out!).

I am not one of her 13+M followers, but one of her “followers” did share it with me and I will say this:  Gone is Disney’s Hannah Montana. 🙂

So when I first read Miley’s post about GoGirl, I have to be honest, I was a little disgusted and even a little bummed out.  But after seeing 1000’s (yes – 1000’s!!) of women coming to GoGirl’s defense, I was less disgusted, and rather uplifted.  I was also reminded of the challenges we’ve had of normalizing GoGirl and the sociology behind the product.

It really shouldn’t surprise me that Miley would find GoGirl a bit freaky.  I did laugh about her comment about storing GoGirl in a purse and how gross…. It reminded me of an interview I had at the Minnesota State Fair with a fairly skeptical local radio host, (a man..), and while he was beginning to understand the logic behind GoGirl, he was right there with Miley’s thoughts, which were…..yuck! (in nicer words)- when storing it after use.  I couldn’t help but respectfully point out that we, (us ladies) are glad to not put “it” back in our pants.  It was so great to look out onto the crowd and see the validation, heads nodding, and people laughing.

Since the launch of GoGirl in 2009, we’ve learned so much – we knew we would.  Initially we anticipated that the demographic would be skewed to younger aged women.  We were pleasantly surprised to find a broader ranged market of 27 to 70+ years of age.  It’s not uncommon for a woman to not get GoGirl, especially if they’re under 25, who maybe don’t camp, travel, or hike like many women.  That’s not an insult or a challenge, it’s simply that some women get it and some don’t. (Very happy that’s changing every day!)

GoGirl isn’t for all women. But the fact is, more and more women are benefiting from GoGirl, and every day more women are becoming aware of this option and making the decision themselves if this is beneficial to their lifestyle.  That’s pretty amazing, but from a sociological standpoint, it’s about empowerment and independence in making your own determination.

Peace to Miley and I’m glad she posted about GoGirl. She helped bring attention to GoGirl and she’s keeping the conversation going, and that’s what I like!

Happy New Year to everyone!  Wishing everyone goodness, great health and happiness in 2015!

Thanks for reading, and until next time…..:)


Sarah Dillon GoGirl Founder Brands that Empower

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder
Brands that Empower


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