Pay it forward — Warriors On Cataract

Hello everyone!

Ok, so there are many things I love about my job.  Of course to receive continued validation from women all over the world, and to hear their individual stories of how GoGirl has helped them more than they could’ve imagined is pretty great. Right?  But something else I love is how I am often presented with an opportunity to help and support wonderful organizations, and which also allows me to help bring awareness to others.

So with that said, let me tell you a little about Warriors on Cataract.

Warriors on Cataract is an organization that is dedicated to healing wounded veterans. Disabilities include traumatic brain injuries from explosions and other cranial impacts, gunshot wounds, spinal injuries, multiple amputations, post-traumatic stress disorders, among other permanent combat wounds.

Warriors on Cateract has discovered an effective tool in the form of “bonding raft trips” to heal and integrate disabled vets back into society.  The warriors tend to spontaneously form support groups, bond up, and talk through their stuff.  A VA therapist that comes along has confirmed that these soldiers are better healers among themselves than what the VA can accomplish with therapy and medications.

One whitewater trip in particular, “All Women Wounded Warriers”, are women who are facing deep psychological trauma from sexual assault and violence in the military.  Mixing them with male wounded vets would have a chilling effect.

So how does GoGirl fit in?  I’m told that GoGirl was touted as “My New Best Friend” by female rafters.  Because the National Park Service requires “#1” in the river only in order to keep the campsites more pristine, GoGirl negated the need to wade into the cold Colorado River. Perfect!!

WoundedWarrior2   WoundedWarrior

We are just one of many who make contributions towards Warriors on Cataract, but with everyone’s support, this has enabled them to grow from a single 4-day whitewater raft trip down the Colorado River to now trips at Ski Camp at Steamboat Springs, houseboat cruises on Lake Powell and Mountain Camps above Steamboat Springs.  They are now able to serve about 150 disabled vets each year.

If you would like to learn more, or find ways to support, please visit their website at

Thanks for reading, and as always, I’d love to hear from you!  I hope everyone’s new year has started out great—and I’m happy to say, (especially from being from coooold Minnesota), Spring is just right around the corner!

Until next time! 🙂


Sarah Dillon GoGirl Founder Brands that Empower

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder
Brands that Empower


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