Eighth Day of GoGirl – Home Care and Medical Need Women

The Eighth day of the “12 Days of GoGirl lifestyles” is dedicated to women with a variety of home care, medical and disability based needs.  These women deserve even more GG_prod480pxcreative and helpful personal conveniences in their lives.  Innovative products like GoGirl can sometimes be an unexpected convenience.

As great as GoGirl is for women who live very active lifestyles, GoGirl is equally, perhaps even more, of a benefit for women who don’t.  Let me explain…

Women often use GoGirl after knee, hip or back surgery.  Women share that often bending the knees or back to sit on a toilet can cause sever discomfort interrupting rest, falling or worse.  You may chuckle, but if GoGirl made life a little more save and convenient for your elderly mother…

We hear from physical therapists and occupational therapists that they often recommend GoGirl to their customers.  It’s been fun hearing from many OT’s and PT’s because they understand the need and are so complimentary.  I really hope they like the new GoGirl Extension.

GoGirl Extension  Easily attaches to GoGirl for added convenience

GoGirl Extension
Easily attaches to GoGirl for added convenience

We hear of home health care, and now even hospitals and medical clinics, the need for GoGirl is growing at a rapid pace.  We see hundreds of hospitals and pharmacies carrying GoGirl.
You can purchase GoGirl at Walgreens.com and hundreds of other great websites.  The Mayo Clinic has been a supporter of GoGirl for many yearsand they carry them in their pharmacies for a variety of patient needs.

For some women with limited mobility, GoGirl has actually allowed them to regain some independence.  We have heard some women confined to wheelchairs really like GoGirls flexibility and extension tube.  Here’s an example.  Women who are in wheelchairs sometimes need some assistance to lift themselves off the chair, and onto the toilet.  It’s prone to happen – someone may not always be available or around to help.  Plan B: GoGirl!  If women are able to scooch their bottom closer to the edge of the chair, they are able to use GoGirl with a collection device or bed pan.  Many women, I am included, have a fair amount of pride, and it can be difficult to always have the feeling of dependence on others.

We have received heartfelt letters from women who tell us that their urinary disorder has caused them not to travel with their husband for many years do to anxieties of bathroom and urinary discomfort and that GoGirl allowed them to take vacations with their husband.  Kind of awesome.  We’ve also heard praises from MD’s and health care professionals from all over the world.

There are many products on the market like GoGirl.  We’re glad not a be a sole product in the industry and like that women can have choices of which product is best for them.  🙂
GoGirl is the only product made with Class IV Medical Grade silicone.  If you hold a GoGirl or other products you can tell a difference in how it feels in your hand an seals to your skin.  The product itself was not a quick one off design.  Dr. Block, M.D. and the GoGirl designer, spent 8 years on and off modifying the design via cad cam software.  The product is literally engineered for a woman’s body.

Many OBGYN’s carry GoGirl and we’ve even heard of some plastic surgery groups carrying the product.
I always appreciate hearing from women, learning of their circumstance, and learning if GoGirl has been of benefit for you.
Happy Holidays!Image
Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder
Another fun and simple lifestyle message.  Women benefit from GoGirl.

Seventh Day of GoGirl – Working Women Everywhere

For the seventh day of “12 Days of GoGirl” we recognize working women everywhere.

Astronauts, Truck Drivers, Fire Fighters, Oil Rig/Refinery Workers, Construction Workers, Law Enforcement, and so many more.

Here’s to all the women that make our world a better place everyday.
We owe each other support ladies.

June Cleaver in "Leave it to Beaver".  Actress Barbara Billingsley.

June Cleaver in “Leave it to Beaver”. Actress Barbara Billingsley.

June Clever days are gone!

Sure, there are still many amazing cooks in the kitchen wearing the apron, but usually only because they love to cook.  Today’s women are rolling up their sleeves with fulfilling and challenging work and careers. These days women are doing it all — construction workers, fire fighters, truck drivers, police officers, military duty, oil rig workers, coal miners, you name it – women are doing it!  A demonstration of the strength of power women carry!

So let’s start with a female law enforcement officers. gunbeltThe number one thing we hear from women cops is, “What do we do with our gun belt?”  For male cops it’s easy.  A woman has to take her gun belt off and hang it on the door which is a risk, or let it dangle down onto the dirty floor between their legs pulling their clean pants to the floor too.  Picture today’s police belt; gun, mace, cuffs, radio, stun gun etc.  That’s a lot of gear.  This is not a small issue.  What’s interesting, and I say this humbly, is that women cops have told me they would use a product like GoGirl, but would get so much flack from male cops they won’t use it.  Think about that for a moment…  That’s crazy.

I challenge women not to let anyone consciously or unconsciously oppress our equality.  Not about life, children, careers, interests, or how and when we go to the damn bathroom! This is about your life and your convenience.  In a strange way this is a subtle statement of self imposed oppression but a much bigger statement about us as women.  Where’s a sociologist Grad student when you need one?  🙂

I’ve also visited with police detectives and private investigators, and they’ve share with me that assignments can entail hours upon hours of staking out a situation. GoGirl can help here with a rather awkward need.  We’ve heard some pretty impressive stories of flexibility and creativity.  We know the new flexible GoGirl extension will help with those awkward limited space needs.  Sounds crazy, but if you need it you need it.

We’ve heard from women truck drivers wondering whey they don’t sell GoGirl’s at every rest stop in the US.  What a compliment.  We’ve heard from women who work on oil rigs who purchased then sent their management buy a case of GoGirls for their PX.  We’ve had Women Fire Fighters sing praises of the product.

In 2010 we were in communication with a very nice man who was a NASA Flight Surgeon (medical doctor) working to create better bathroom systems for women for the space shuttle and international space station. All they had was a vacuum like round hose designed for a man!  Girls can you imagine… you’ve reached pinnacle  of your career, it’s 2010, after 20 years of intense training your an astronaut!  You’re flying in the space shuttle on your way to the International Space Station and they hand you a Kirby?????  Really?  It’s 2014, according to Wikipidia there have been 59 women astronauts since 1963.  I’ll bet they have not improved much, but hopefully this MD helped them get a better solution for women.  I would love to hear from an astronaut or flight surgeon on this.  🙂

Happy Holidays to working women everywhere.  You make the world a better place!
Don’t Take Life Sitting Down.  Be Empowered Women!

Practice in the shower!  (I always say that.)

Fire Fighters Photo from Blog?  Others?


This is for fun, but you never know. We do like to believe that we hopefully provided some influence into a better solution that a Kirby in space. To infinity and beyond! Don’t Take Life Sitting Down.










Sixth Day of GoGirl – Here’s a Shout Out of All Water Lovin’ GoGirls!

The 6th Day of the “12 Days of GoGirls” is dedicated to WATER GOGIRLS!!

Cheers to women who love anything on the water.  The great escape whether you’re sailing, kayaking, skiing, canoeing, surfing, fishing or just cruising. Getting out on a lake, ocean, or river can one of the most beautiful and refreshing places to be.

There’s only one problem…

What to do when nature calls?  Its  just not as easy, let alone discreet, to “hang” ourselvesGoGirlonaboat over the edge of a boat to ‘go’ – and in fact, it’s rather embarrassing.   Yes, so very convenient if you are one of the guys, but ladies, it’s time we level the playing field!

This is yet another great opportunity for you to use your GoGirl!  Just like one of the guys, you too can turn your back, stand at the edge of the boat and just GO!  No need to undress, hover or hang your backside over the edge anymore!  You can keep yourself clean, be discreet and rinse out your GoGirl right there in the water when you are done. It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

Once again, GoGirl is the perfect solution — so stay on the water, be safe and enjoy yourself!  Keep doing the things you love, and leave the bathroom concerns back on shore!

Hope you registered for the GoGirl 12 Days of GoGirl giveaway
Holiday basket and daily prizes for the first 12 days of December.12days

Thanks for reading the GoGirl blogs – I hope you’re enjoying!  GoGirl is all about empowering women in a very simple, but convenient way.  Some people will say who would use a product like this?  Well the answer is irrefutably, millions of women everywhere!  Hopefully this blog is sharing a bit more of the various lifestyles that benefit from GoGirl.

Normalizing this unique convenience is what is this whole conversation is all about.  Women don’t use this convenience often times due to silly stigmas.  I’m not saying GoGirl or products like GoGirl are for all women, but when you do need one it can come in
pretty handy.

GoGirl is about getting the conversation going.  I’d love to hear your stories at Go-Girl.com

Happy Holidays.  Until tomorrow.  Practice in the shower,  🙂
Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder

Here’s to the GoGirl Sail Racing team in 2009.
Amazing group of women!  What fun!

Here’s a north kayaker with her GoGirl!
Thanks so much for sharing!

It’s fun to do lifestyle photos with GoGirl.
Which one relates more to you?





Fifth Day of GoGirl – Calling All Germaphobes!!

The 5th day of the “12 Days of GoGirls” is dedicated to all of us Germaphobic GoGirls!

The fifth day is dedicated to Germophobic women (also Mysophobia) everywhere!  There are far more of us, yes I’m one.  If you have ever hovered over or lined a toilet seat you are germophobe.  Yes! you are normal and there are far more of us than one would expect!  🙂

People who go to extreme lengths to protect themselves from catching disease are said to be “germophobic”. One of the more harsh definitions of Germophobic: “An abnormal mental condition in a person characterized by an inflated or irrational fear of catching disease.”   Here’s the urban dictionary’s definition of GermophobeDo we need to be characterized as germaphobic just because we don’t want to sit on a public toilet seat where others also rest their 1000’s of rears?  Let’s see, where do I use my GoGirl for sanitary reasons?  Airplanes, Airports, Porta-Potties, Concerts, Art Festivals, Public Buildings, Trains, Schools and the list goes on…

Either way, I’m guilty of lining the seat with toilet paper, or practicing my balancing act as I hover over the hole in a porta-potty. All women hover or line at one time or another, what’s interesting is it’s usually what your Mom taught you.  It’s great if you are looking for creative ways of strengthening your leg muscles and doing yoga in the bathroom, but, I’d rather not.  Just as bad in my opinion, is having to drop our pants to our ankles and having them, resting on nasty floors.  You’re looking at the floor thinking, “I don’t even want my shoes on this floor.”  Gross! Bottom line, there’s just nothing good about porta-potties and many public restrooms, but in some situations, it’s the only option.

Thankfully, if you do need to enter one of these situations, and have your GoGirl, you can get in & get out without having to touch a single thing other than your GoGirl.  No need to use your fingertips on either side to maintain your balance, which after a drink or two, is sometimes necessary.  (Jimmy Buffet, Zac Brown and Keith Urban concerts come to mind!).  Remember, after using GoGirl, just give a little shake and it’ll bead dry and toss it in a zip-lock sandwich bag or the ban provided in the kit.  Easy peasy!

Don’t let those yucky bathrooms spoil your fun!

What’s the number one thing I tell women?  “Be sure to practice in the shower or at home.”  You need to hold GoGirl or any FUD (female urination device) correctly or the results and be messy.

Thanks for reading……until next time!

Sarah 🙂


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Fourth Day of GoGirl – A Big Shout Out To All Campers and Hikers!

The 4th of the “12 Days of GoGirls” is dedicated to all the CAMPER AND HIKER GOGIRLS!

Bug repellent — check! Flashlight — check!  GOGIRL – CHECK CHECK and CHECK!!

Our tribute today is to all the women who love to camp and hike. There’s nothing like being in the great outdoors, in God’s county, getting away from all of life’s busy distractions and soaking up the smells and the beauty of pure nature.  I love it! Whether you’re a lover of the full camping experience, pitching a tent and preparing your meal over an open fire, or you just love an afternoon hike down a beautiful trail, there is one thing for sure, you’ll want to toss a GoGirl in your backpack.  Trips to the outhouse at
most campsites remind women how handy a GoGirl can be.

Yes, as beautiful as the scenery may be, you still may come across some deceptively attractive, but toxic plants, some spiders and bugs, and maybe even a snake or two! (Yikes!) Unfortunately I’ve had that firsthand experience of squatting on the wrong plant, poison ivy!  It was a sure way of turning a beautiful hike along the Sparta Trail into an ichy and burning afternoon.

So ladies, enjoy the outdoors; the camping and hiking and exploring!  And when nature calls, don’t hover or squat over anything that could bite you or make you want to scratch for the next 4 days.  Leave your worries but take your GoGirl — and enjoy nature to it’s fullest!

Be sure to check out our coupons on the Go-Girl.com website.  GoGirls make fun holiday
gifts and get the girls talking.

Sarah Dillon














Third Day of GoGirl – In honor of our BRAVE Military Women!

The 3rd of the “12 Days of GoGirls” is dedicated to MILITARY GOGIRLS.

I would like to start by THANKING ALL OF THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN for your service. Everyday we remember the sacrifices that are being made on our behalf, so that we can remain free and safe.  Your dedication and selflessness will never be forgotten!

When we first learned that GoGirl benefits women in the military, this was one of our more humbling moments.  How could such a little product like GoGirl provide convenience and added safety?  Here’s how:  From women on ground transports, women in the  AirForce and even combat troops, we have heard alot from women in the military.

We have heard that some women when seeking privacy will step to the exposed side of military vehicles  to relive themselves and GoGirl provides a better option.  Women have also shared that when they are traveling on the convoys, restroom breaks aren’t really an option.  Yes, the obvious fact is that it’s just easier for men.  I can’t imagine what women are having to do in these circumstances stuck in a small transport with 5 men for 15 hours.  To hear the positive feedback from the women themselves who are already sacrificing so much for our country, has been quite an honor for us as a company, to say the very least.

Women in the military inspired the camouflage tube and khaki GoGirl.  Camo_sm
Our camo product was born and continues to provide a benefit to our women who serve in the Military!















Second Day of GoGirl – Celebrating Travel GoGirls. Explorers and Adventurers.

The Second of the “12 Days of GoGirls” is dedicated to TRAVEL GOGIRLS.

Love to travel? I sure do but don’t enjoy the unpredictability of the bathrooms – or lack thereof!  For years I’ve been hearing from women all over the world who have been faced with some pretty disgusting situations.  Whether it’s at the airport, or on the airplane itself, to attempting to “aim” into a little hole in the ground. Some places in China come to mind but I know that’s certainly not the only place where this can be a challenge.  It’s also a reminder to me about how fortunate we are in the US to have the luxury of an actual toilet — something we take for granted.  Clean or not.

I know this isn’t just for international travelers.  Domestic traveling — long road trip come to mind as well.  I’ve been in some of those truck stop and gas station restrooms, and they aren’t pretty!

So if you are someone who loves the adventure and excitement of traveling, don’t let something like bathroom accommodations spoil your plans.   Like a good Girl Scout that I was — always be “prepared” — and pack your GoGirl!

Wishing safe travels to everyone this holiday season!