Ninth Day of GoGirl – Calling Hollywood!


The Ninth day of the “12 Days of GoGirl Lifestyles” is dedicated to women with costume or clothing based needs. Women like Jennifer Lawrence and women who wear tight fitting or obscuring outfits like wetsuits.

Jenifer Lawrence is one amazing actress!  The Hungry Games, American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook, – her list of movies is long.  So what does this have anything to do with GoGirl?  Fair question. Here’s the answer….

Last May, while Jennifer was hitting the media trail promoting her latest film, X-MEN: Days of Future Past, she was explaining to Kelly Ripa (LIVE with Kelly & Michael, morning talk show) how she “managed to pee” when she was on the set for hours, filming. You guess it! GoGirl!  Kelly was like, WHAAAAT???  I loved the conversation those two had because it’s exactly what I hear all the time.  Very typical, started out laughing, (what I call the “giggle factor”), Jennifer then actually used the word “fun” and Kelly’s comment was “wow! How empowering” Even admitting the fantasy of wishing to stand and pee just like a guy!  (Haven’t we all?)   And this is why I love talking about GoGirl!  View the Jennifer Lawrence video here.

So I decided to explore this new GoGirl category.  Women wearing costumes, or tight fitting outfits like wet suits. Whether it’s for a blockbuster movie, Broadway play or a Disney Character, or underwater diving, it can be a job requirement  for many women to suit up, full bladder or not.

Tapping more into this unfamiliar market, through a friend of a friend, who has a friend, who knows someone, I was introduced to Markie Miller from San Francisco, who actually designs and creates dresses (some rather snug) and costumes for some big Hollywood named actresses, (was currently working with Uma Thurman). She was explaining to me how she often has to improvise some of her designs, as some just don’t have “easy access”. Markie, like so many, had never heard about GoGirl and was, literally, thrilled to learn of such a device.  She now proudly keeps a GoGirl stash in her tool box and passes along to those who may need it. (Yes, her tool box!)  She now carries the GoGirl Extension also that helps make these wardrobe based needs a little easier.

I wish more people knew about GoGirl. Yes, it’s true that I drive around in a pink

GoGirl Mini Cooper

GoGirl Mini Cooper

and while Mini-Cooper, wrapped with the words, “GOGIRL – Don’t Take Life Sitting Down”.   It’s a fantastic moving billboard, frequently receiving the ‘thumbs up’ from other drivers, and always a great conversation starter in a parking lot, but still, soooo many more women should know about GoGirl and the benefits it can provide – for so many different lifestyles.     We’d love to have more “Kelly and Jennifer” conversations!

So help me get the conversation started this holiday season when sitting around the tree!  I promise, it’s a fun one, and once they stop scratching their head, they’ll say – “ya know – that DOES make sense!”

Happy Holidays everyone – and thanks for reading!

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder

Sarah Dillon GoGirl Founder Brands that Empower

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder
Brands that Empower