Twelve Days of Fun – Thanks, Lifestyles and Winners

Thanks everyone who registered for the 12 Days of GoGirl Lifestyles giveaway.

So Many Lifestyles!  This last twelve days have been really fun writing about the various lifestyles of GoGirls. Many women when they first hear of GoGirl, wonder if GoGirl will benefit them. Writing about lifestyles and hearing from women about how they use GoGirl is always helpful.  Many women could benefit from GoGirl so it’s up to us to share the word and help women see the potential.

Our 12 Days of GoGirl Lifestyle Winners (drumroll please…)

– Congratulations to Marita, our grand prize gift basket winner.
– Congratulations also to each of our GoGirl Winners.
               Meghan, Suzanne, Alyssia, Sasha, Andrea,
Nora, June, Missy, Mikayla & Jill

Registrant Lifestyle highlights and Comments:

Curious about what we heard from women?
 – 35%+ said they are Active GoGirls
– 15% said they are Travel GoGirls
– 15% said they are Medical GoGirls
– 10% said they are Outdoors GoGirls
 –   3% said they are Pregnant or had used GoGirl while pregnant!
 – Balance of registrants were blended responses including all of our 12 Days Lifestyles including: outdoorsy, camper, military, construction, fishing, ice fishing,winter sports, concerts & festivals, hunter, hiker, backpacker, runner, sailor, golfers, even someone in the costume Industry.
We also heard from:
A wildland firefighter, disc golfer. a cross fitter, offroaders, woods walker
& a veterinarian!
Some great feedback from women who registered worth sharing:
– “I hate to hover and muss. Much easier to stand and not touch the potty.”
– “I’m a girly outdoors person that always gets pee on her foot outside.”
– “Hiking, hunting, shooting, scuba diving nurse. Breast cancer survivor in 2014.”
– “I’m occasionally outdoorsy, currently pregnant and have to go all the time”
– “Outdoor working girl”
            and our favorite…
  “Pregnant for the time being – but originally started as an unhappy camper turned HAPPY CAMPER once I got my GG!

Women make the world a better place!  Don’t Take Life Sitting Down.
Be Empowered Women!

Happy Holidays to Everyone.

Practice in the shower!  (I always say that)

Founder & GoGirl User

Sarah Dillon GoGirl Founder Brands that Empower

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder
Brands that Empower





Twelfth day of GoGirl – Everyday GoGirls

For the Twelfth Day of, the “12 Days of GoGirl Lifestyles” we are recognizing Everyday GoGirls Everywhere.

It’s been really fun and a trip down memory lane sharing the “12 Days of GoGirl Lifestyles”.  The final category of everyday Girls really encompasses all users and more.  Even with our 12 Days of GoGirl lifestyles identified there are still so many more lifestyle benefits.

Not that all women use it everyday, but a few women do and need to. There are so many situations where women can benefit from GoGirl.  Everyday activities, a walk, a bike ride, shopping at the mall, driving to the cabin or a night out with friends. Or maybe your house is under construction and your only bathroom is “occupied” and you have to go really BAD!!

Yes, there are endless places on the bike trails and around the lake and at the malls where we can run into some pretty disgusting bathroom situations. Fancy and fast food restaurants don’t always have greatest bathrooms and, I’m sorry, but some women are just incredibly messy and choose not to clean up before exiting the stall. College ladies, here’s a question — have any of you left a party and had to ask your girlfriend cover for you while you got into the squatting position behind a car or bush?  (Been there – done that!).

Yes, these are just a few of so many everyday situations where we might find ourselves glad that we have a GoGirl.  I’ve had a lot of fun these last 12 days talking about all the diverse lifestyles that women have, and where GoGirl can be of some help.   And there are still so many more, I’ve just scratched the surface.  That’s what I love about women and what I love about GoGirl.  There’s not a thing that men can do that women can’t.  We are proving that fact everyday and if GoGirl can help to eliminate a concern or a challenge that we could face while doing what we love, I find that very empowering.

I’d love to hear about your lifestyle needs!  Send me an email and tell me how you use GoGirl!

Last chance to sign up for the GoGirl 12 Days Give Away.  We will pick our winners tomorrow!  Good Luck!

Happy Holidays!


Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder and Everyday GoGirl

photo 4    photo 3
          GoGirl At the Lakes                                GoGirl in South Africa

photo 2 photo 1
          GoGirl at the Hotel                                       GoGirl Pilot


Eleventh Day of GoGirl – “I DO!” – Brides Everywhere

For the Eleventh Day of “12 Days of GoGirl lifestyles” – Here Comes the Bride!!

The biggest day of your life and you need a GoGirl?  Say What?

Who better than the Bride to use GoGirl when she’s all buttoned up, sewn up and zipped up?  Brides love GoGirl and here’s why.

I don’t know about any of you, but when I get excited/nervous (I remember my wedding day well – almost 20 years ago!) without fail – it’s when I gotta ‘go’!  Not great timing, but…it’s that’s just what happens!   Can any of you relate?

I would imagine many women would wonder why bridal shops would have GoGirl sitting on their counters.  Rooms filled with dream-like princess gowns, more silk and lace than you’d see in any other store, and the color “white” everywhere.  But then, as women are trying on wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, and squeezing themselves into something that has more tiny buttons than you’ve ever buttoned in your life –  you laugh – “sure hope I won’t have to go to the bathroom when wearing this!” – realizing you just spent the last 15 minutes just putting it on.  But – you look HOT in it!!!  So it’s all worth it!!

The jumbo Caribou coffee and possibly a glass of champagne you enjoyed are not going to wait…  Sitting on a toilet with a wedding dress is a bit of a problem.  GoGirl alone or GoGirl with an extension could be the perfect accessory.  No it’s not super romantic, but it may just make your special day or your sisters special day just a little more sane.  🙂

If you are a Bride-to-be, it’s so exciting, yet I know it can be overwhelming with the

Wedding Day GoGirls

Wedding Day GoGirls

long list of things to do and plan. One of them: What to get for a Bridesmaid gift?  Some have 2 – some have 22.   GoGirl is a perfect, fun – yet functional, cost effective gift for your friends and family.  A great idea came from a recent Bride who put together “Survival Kits” for her bridesmaids, and was very creative with all the goodies she included, and GoGirl was part of pack. Cute idea, right – and it’s something different!  (I love candles, but I also love originality).

So depending on the style of the dress, keep GoGirl in mind for a good back-up plan should nature call at it’s finest time.  And please, since this could be the most incredible and magical day of your life, (and I hope it is!) We strongly advise that you practice using your GoGirl BEFORE slipping into your wedding gown.  A little practice in the shower is a must to avoid accidents due to not knowing how to use it on the big day.

Congrats to all new Brides and Brides-To-Be!  Wishing you all a long and happy lifetime of love!

Ho Ho Ho –

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder and Bride

Sarah Dillon GoGirl Founder Brands that Empower

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder
Brands that Empower

FullSizeRender (3)


Biggest Day of Your Life = Biggest Dress of Your Life

Biggest Day of Your Life =
Biggest Dress of Your Life

Tenth Day of GoGirl – LET’S ROCK!

The Tenth Day of the, “12 Days of GoGirl lifestyles” is dedicated to music festival and outdoor concert Junkies everywhere!

Do you love outdoor music and art festivals?  We’ve been to Country Jam and Moondance Jam, Jimmy Buffet, Zac Brown, Keith Urban — I love them all!  Nothing better than hanging out to some great music, and washing down a couple bratwursts with a couple cold beers on summer days.

Over the past few years, our GoGirl teams have really had a lotFestivals3 of fun at some amazing music events.  We drive in with the GoGirl Mini-Cooper, set up our trademark pink and white tent, and put a GoGirl temporary tattoo on just about everyone we see. It’s a party – that’s for sure!

I’m really not trying to be a buzz kill, but let’s face it, after a couple drinks to stay cooled down, bathroom breaks are inevitable. We’ve all seen the long lines to the potty potties, but what are our choices?  Not a lot, right?  We expect it and we just deal with it.   Now, we’ve already touched on this topic of porta-potties and GoGirl in our “5th Day of GoGirl’s” germaphone blog, so I won’t get into the nitty gritty again, but I will say, ohhhhhh ladies, you really will want to have a GoGirl when using a porta-potty – especially at an event where there tends to be some “partying” going on!  Just trust me on this one…

There’s a lot of great music festivals already lining up in 2015.  Here’s a great list for

Country Jam - Eau Claire

Country Jam – Eau Claire

checking out 2015 festivals out,  – so enjoy, rock out, be safe and BRING YOUR GOGIRL! 🙂



And more thing, as we are closing in on the “12 Days of GoGirl”, I hope everyone has remember to register for our GoGirl Holiday Super Gift Basket, as the winner’s name will be drawn on December 12th.    If you haven’t, you can register here!

Thanks for reading – and Happy Holidays everyone!

Sarah Dillon

Sarah Dillon GoGirl Founder Brands that Empower

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder
Brands that Empower

We Fest

We Fest – Willing Tattoo Participants

Ninth Day of GoGirl – Calling Hollywood!


The Ninth day of the “12 Days of GoGirl Lifestyles” is dedicated to women with costume or clothing based needs. Women like Jennifer Lawrence and women who wear tight fitting or obscuring outfits like wetsuits.

Jenifer Lawrence is one amazing actress!  The Hungry Games, American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook, – her list of movies is long.  So what does this have anything to do with GoGirl?  Fair question. Here’s the answer….

Last May, while Jennifer was hitting the media trail promoting her latest film, X-MEN: Days of Future Past, she was explaining to Kelly Ripa (LIVE with Kelly & Michael, morning talk show) how she “managed to pee” when she was on the set for hours, filming. You guess it! GoGirl!  Kelly was like, WHAAAAT???  I loved the conversation those two had because it’s exactly what I hear all the time.  Very typical, started out laughing, (what I call the “giggle factor”), Jennifer then actually used the word “fun” and Kelly’s comment was “wow! How empowering” Even admitting the fantasy of wishing to stand and pee just like a guy!  (Haven’t we all?)   And this is why I love talking about GoGirl!  View the Jennifer Lawrence video here.

So I decided to explore this new GoGirl category.  Women wearing costumes, or tight fitting outfits like wet suits. Whether it’s for a blockbuster movie, Broadway play or a Disney Character, or underwater diving, it can be a job requirement  for many women to suit up, full bladder or not.

Tapping more into this unfamiliar market, through a friend of a friend, who has a friend, who knows someone, I was introduced to Markie Miller from San Francisco, who actually designs and creates dresses (some rather snug) and costumes for some big Hollywood named actresses, (was currently working with Uma Thurman). She was explaining to me how she often has to improvise some of her designs, as some just don’t have “easy access”. Markie, like so many, had never heard about GoGirl and was, literally, thrilled to learn of such a device.  She now proudly keeps a GoGirl stash in her tool box and passes along to those who may need it. (Yes, her tool box!)  She now carries the GoGirl Extension also that helps make these wardrobe based needs a little easier.

I wish more people knew about GoGirl. Yes, it’s true that I drive around in a pink

GoGirl Mini Cooper

GoGirl Mini Cooper

and while Mini-Cooper, wrapped with the words, “GOGIRL – Don’t Take Life Sitting Down”.   It’s a fantastic moving billboard, frequently receiving the ‘thumbs up’ from other drivers, and always a great conversation starter in a parking lot, but still, soooo many more women should know about GoGirl and the benefits it can provide – for so many different lifestyles.     We’d love to have more “Kelly and Jennifer” conversations!

So help me get the conversation started this holiday season when sitting around the tree!  I promise, it’s a fun one, and once they stop scratching their head, they’ll say – “ya know – that DOES make sense!”

Happy Holidays everyone – and thanks for reading!

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder

Sarah Dillon GoGirl Founder Brands that Empower

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder
Brands that Empower



Eighth Day of GoGirl – Home Care and Medical Need Women

The Eighth day of the “12 Days of GoGirl lifestyles” is dedicated to women with a variety of home care, medical and disability based needs.  These women deserve even more GG_prod480pxcreative and helpful personal conveniences in their lives.  Innovative products like GoGirl can sometimes be an unexpected convenience.

As great as GoGirl is for women who live very active lifestyles, GoGirl is equally, perhaps even more, of a benefit for women who don’t.  Let me explain…

Women often use GoGirl after knee, hip or back surgery.  Women share that often bending the knees or back to sit on a toilet can cause sever discomfort interrupting rest, falling or worse.  You may chuckle, but if GoGirl made life a little more save and convenient for your elderly mother…

We hear from physical therapists and occupational therapists that they often recommend GoGirl to their customers.  It’s been fun hearing from many OT’s and PT’s because they understand the need and are so complimentary.  I really hope they like the new GoGirl Extension.

GoGirl Extension  Easily attaches to GoGirl for added convenience

GoGirl Extension
Easily attaches to GoGirl for added convenience

We hear of home health care, and now even hospitals and medical clinics, the need for GoGirl is growing at a rapid pace.  We see hundreds of hospitals and pharmacies carrying GoGirl.
You can purchase GoGirl at and hundreds of other great websites.  The Mayo Clinic has been a supporter of GoGirl for many yearsand they carry them in their pharmacies for a variety of patient needs.

For some women with limited mobility, GoGirl has actually allowed them to regain some independence.  We have heard some women confined to wheelchairs really like GoGirls flexibility and extension tube.  Here’s an example.  Women who are in wheelchairs sometimes need some assistance to lift themselves off the chair, and onto the toilet.  It’s prone to happen – someone may not always be available or around to help.  Plan B: GoGirl!  If women are able to scooch their bottom closer to the edge of the chair, they are able to use GoGirl with a collection device or bed pan.  Many women, I am included, have a fair amount of pride, and it can be difficult to always have the feeling of dependence on others.

We have received heartfelt letters from women who tell us that their urinary disorder has caused them not to travel with their husband for many years do to anxieties of bathroom and urinary discomfort and that GoGirl allowed them to take vacations with their husband.  Kind of awesome.  We’ve also heard praises from MD’s and health care professionals from all over the world.

There are many products on the market like GoGirl.  We’re glad not a be a sole product in the industry and like that women can have choices of which product is best for them.  🙂
GoGirl is the only product made with Class IV Medical Grade silicone.  If you hold a GoGirl or other products you can tell a difference in how it feels in your hand an seals to your skin.  The product itself was not a quick one off design.  Dr. Block, M.D. and the GoGirl designer, spent 8 years on and off modifying the design via cad cam software.  The product is literally engineered for a woman’s body.

Many OBGYN’s carry GoGirl and we’ve even heard of some plastic surgery groups carrying the product.
I always appreciate hearing from women, learning of their circumstance, and learning if GoGirl has been of benefit for you.
Happy Holidays!Image
Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder
Another fun and simple lifestyle message.  Women benefit from GoGirl.

Seventh Day of GoGirl – Working Women Everywhere

For the seventh day of “12 Days of GoGirl” we recognize working women everywhere.

Astronauts, Truck Drivers, Fire Fighters, Oil Rig/Refinery Workers, Construction Workers, Law Enforcement, and so many more.

Here’s to all the women that make our world a better place everyday.
We owe each other support ladies.

June Cleaver in "Leave it to Beaver".  Actress Barbara Billingsley.

June Cleaver in “Leave it to Beaver”. Actress Barbara Billingsley.

June Clever days are gone!

Sure, there are still many amazing cooks in the kitchen wearing the apron, but usually only because they love to cook.  Today’s women are rolling up their sleeves with fulfilling and challenging work and careers. These days women are doing it all — construction workers, fire fighters, truck drivers, police officers, military duty, oil rig workers, coal miners, you name it – women are doing it!  A demonstration of the strength of power women carry!

So let’s start with a female law enforcement officers. gunbeltThe number one thing we hear from women cops is, “What do we do with our gun belt?”  For male cops it’s easy.  A woman has to take her gun belt off and hang it on the door which is a risk, or let it dangle down onto the dirty floor between their legs pulling their clean pants to the floor too.  Picture today’s police belt; gun, mace, cuffs, radio, stun gun etc.  That’s a lot of gear.  This is not a small issue.  What’s interesting, and I say this humbly, is that women cops have told me they would use a product like GoGirl, but would get so much flack from male cops they won’t use it.  Think about that for a moment…  That’s crazy.

I challenge women not to let anyone consciously or unconsciously oppress our equality.  Not about life, children, careers, interests, or how and when we go to the damn bathroom! This is about your life and your convenience.  In a strange way this is a subtle statement of self imposed oppression but a much bigger statement about us as women.  Where’s a sociologist Grad student when you need one?  🙂

I’ve also visited with police detectives and private investigators, and they’ve share with me that assignments can entail hours upon hours of staking out a situation. GoGirl can help here with a rather awkward need.  We’ve heard some pretty impressive stories of flexibility and creativity.  We know the new flexible GoGirl extension will help with those awkward limited space needs.  Sounds crazy, but if you need it you need it.

We’ve heard from women truck drivers wondering whey they don’t sell GoGirl’s at every rest stop in the US.  What a compliment.  We’ve heard from women who work on oil rigs who purchased then sent their management buy a case of GoGirls for their PX.  We’ve had Women Fire Fighters sing praises of the product.

In 2010 we were in communication with a very nice man who was a NASA Flight Surgeon (medical doctor) working to create better bathroom systems for women for the space shuttle and international space station. All they had was a vacuum like round hose designed for a man!  Girls can you imagine… you’ve reached pinnacle  of your career, it’s 2010, after 20 years of intense training your an astronaut!  You’re flying in the space shuttle on your way to the International Space Station and they hand you a Kirby?????  Really?  It’s 2014, according to Wikipidia there have been 59 women astronauts since 1963.  I’ll bet they have not improved much, but hopefully this MD helped them get a better solution for women.  I would love to hear from an astronaut or flight surgeon on this.  🙂

Happy Holidays to working women everywhere.  You make the world a better place!
Don’t Take Life Sitting Down.  Be Empowered Women!

Practice in the shower!  (I always say that.)

Fire Fighters Photo from Blog?  Others?


This is for fun, but you never know. We do like to believe that we hopefully provided some influence into a better solution that a Kirby in space. To infinity and beyond! Don’t Take Life Sitting Down.