Twelfth day of GoGirl – Everyday GoGirls

For the Twelfth Day of, the “12 Days of GoGirl Lifestyles” we are recognizing Everyday GoGirls Everywhere.

It’s been really fun and a trip down memory lane sharing the “12 Days of GoGirl Lifestyles”.  The final category of everyday Girls really encompasses all users and more.  Even with our 12 Days of GoGirl lifestyles identified there are still so many more lifestyle benefits.

Not that all women use it everyday, but a few women do and need to. There are so many situations where women can benefit from GoGirl.  Everyday activities, a walk, a bike ride, shopping at the mall, driving to the cabin or a night out with friends. Or maybe your house is under construction and your only bathroom is “occupied” and you have to go really BAD!!

Yes, there are endless places on the bike trails and around the lake and at the malls where we can run into some pretty disgusting bathroom situations. Fancy and fast food restaurants don’t always have greatest bathrooms and, I’m sorry, but some women are just incredibly messy and choose not to clean up before exiting the stall. College ladies, here’s a question — have any of you left a party and had to ask your girlfriend cover for you while you got into the squatting position behind a car or bush?  (Been there – done that!).

Yes, these are just a few of so many everyday situations where we might find ourselves glad that we have a GoGirl.  I’ve had a lot of fun these last 12 days talking about all the diverse lifestyles that women have, and where GoGirl can be of some help.   And there are still so many more, I’ve just scratched the surface.  That’s what I love about women and what I love about GoGirl.  There’s not a thing that men can do that women can’t.  We are proving that fact everyday and if GoGirl can help to eliminate a concern or a challenge that we could face while doing what we love, I find that very empowering.

I’d love to hear about your lifestyle needs!  Send me an email and tell me how you use GoGirl!

Last chance to sign up for the GoGirl 12 Days Give Away.  We will pick our winners tomorrow!  Good Luck!

Happy Holidays!


Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder and Everyday GoGirl

photo 4    photo 3
          GoGirl At the Lakes                                GoGirl in South Africa

photo 2 photo 1
          GoGirl at the Hotel                                       GoGirl Pilot



Third Day of GoGirl – In honor of our BRAVE Military Women!

The 3rd of the “12 Days of GoGirls” is dedicated to MILITARY GOGIRLS.

I would like to start by THANKING ALL OF THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN for your service. Everyday we remember the sacrifices that are being made on our behalf, so that we can remain free and safe.  Your dedication and selflessness will never be forgotten!

When we first learned that GoGirl benefits women in the military, this was one of our more humbling moments.  How could such a little product like GoGirl provide convenience and added safety?  Here’s how:  From women on ground transports, women in the  AirForce and even combat troops, we have heard alot from women in the military.

We have heard that some women when seeking privacy will step to the exposed side of military vehicles  to relive themselves and GoGirl provides a better option.  Women have also shared that when they are traveling on the convoys, restroom breaks aren’t really an option.  Yes, the obvious fact is that it’s just easier for men.  I can’t imagine what women are having to do in these circumstances stuck in a small transport with 5 men for 15 hours.  To hear the positive feedback from the women themselves who are already sacrificing so much for our country, has been quite an honor for us as a company, to say the very least.

Women in the military inspired the camouflage tube and khaki GoGirl.  Camo_sm
Our camo product was born and continues to provide a benefit to our women who serve in the Military!