Eleventh Day of GoGirl – “I DO!” – Brides Everywhere

For the Eleventh Day of “12 Days of GoGirl lifestyles” – Here Comes the Bride!!

The biggest day of your life and you need a GoGirl?  Say What?

Who better than the Bride to use GoGirl when she’s all buttoned up, sewn up and zipped up?  Brides love GoGirl and here’s why.

I don’t know about any of you, but when I get excited/nervous (I remember my wedding day well – almost 20 years ago!) without fail – it’s when I gotta ‘go’!  Not great timing, but…it’s that’s just what happens!   Can any of you relate?

I would imagine many women would wonder why bridal shops would have GoGirl sitting on their counters.  Rooms filled with dream-like princess gowns, more silk and lace than you’d see in any other store, and the color “white” everywhere.  But then, as women are trying on wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, and squeezing themselves into something that has more tiny buttons than you’ve ever buttoned in your life –  you laugh – “sure hope I won’t have to go to the bathroom when wearing this!” – realizing you just spent the last 15 minutes just putting it on.  But – you look HOT in it!!!  So it’s all worth it!!

The jumbo Caribou coffee and possibly a glass of champagne you enjoyed are not going to wait…  Sitting on a toilet with a wedding dress is a bit of a problem.  GoGirl alone or GoGirl with an extension could be the perfect accessory.  No it’s not super romantic, but it may just make your special day or your sisters special day just a little more sane.  🙂

If you are a Bride-to-be, it’s so exciting, yet I know it can be overwhelming with the

Wedding Day GoGirls

Wedding Day GoGirls

long list of things to do and plan. One of them: What to get for a Bridesmaid gift?  Some have 2 – some have 22.   GoGirl is a perfect, fun – yet functional, cost effective gift for your friends and family.  A great idea came from a recent Bride who put together “Survival Kits” for her bridesmaids, and was very creative with all the goodies she included, and GoGirl was part of pack. Cute idea, right – and it’s something different!  (I love candles, but I also love originality).

So depending on the style of the dress, keep GoGirl in mind for a good back-up plan should nature call at it’s finest time.  And please, since this could be the most incredible and magical day of your life, (and I hope it is!) We strongly advise that you practice using your GoGirl BEFORE slipping into your wedding gown.  A little practice in the shower is a must to avoid accidents due to not knowing how to use it on the big day.

Congrats to all new Brides and Brides-To-Be!  Wishing you all a long and happy lifetime of love!

Ho Ho Ho –

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder and Bride

Sarah Dillon GoGirl Founder Brands that Empower

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder
Brands that Empower

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Biggest Day of Your Life = Biggest Dress of Your Life

Biggest Day of Your Life =
Biggest Dress of Your Life