Twelve Days of Fun – Thanks, Lifestyles and Winners

Thanks everyone who registered for the 12 Days of GoGirl Lifestyles giveaway.

So Many Lifestyles!  This last twelve days have been really fun writing about the various lifestyles of GoGirls. Many women when they first hear of GoGirl, wonder if GoGirl will benefit them. Writing about lifestyles and hearing from women about how they use GoGirl is always helpful.  Many women could benefit from GoGirl so it’s up to us to share the word and help women see the potential.

Our 12 Days of GoGirl Lifestyle Winners (drumroll please…)

– Congratulations to Marita, our grand prize gift basket winner.
– Congratulations also to each of our GoGirl Winners.
               Meghan, Suzanne, Alyssia, Sasha, Andrea,
Nora, June, Missy, Mikayla & Jill

Registrant Lifestyle highlights and Comments:

Curious about what we heard from women?
 – 35%+ said they are Active GoGirls
– 15% said they are Travel GoGirls
– 15% said they are Medical GoGirls
– 10% said they are Outdoors GoGirls
 –   3% said they are Pregnant or had used GoGirl while pregnant!
 – Balance of registrants were blended responses including all of our 12 Days Lifestyles including: outdoorsy, camper, military, construction, fishing, ice fishing,winter sports, concerts & festivals, hunter, hiker, backpacker, runner, sailor, golfers, even someone in the costume Industry.
We also heard from:
A wildland firefighter, disc golfer. a cross fitter, offroaders, woods walker
& a veterinarian!
Some great feedback from women who registered worth sharing:
– “I hate to hover and muss. Much easier to stand and not touch the potty.”
– “I’m a girly outdoors person that always gets pee on her foot outside.”
– “Hiking, hunting, shooting, scuba diving nurse. Breast cancer survivor in 2014.”
– “I’m occasionally outdoorsy, currently pregnant and have to go all the time”
– “Outdoor working girl”
            and our favorite…
  “Pregnant for the time being – but originally started as an unhappy camper turned HAPPY CAMPER once I got my GG!

Women make the world a better place!  Don’t Take Life Sitting Down.
Be Empowered Women!

Happy Holidays to Everyone.

Practice in the shower!  (I always say that)

Founder & GoGirl User

Sarah Dillon GoGirl Founder Brands that Empower

Sarah Dillon
GoGirl Founder
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